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We used this wiki in semester one of 2012 to record our poetry workshop and project work to prepare for an end-of-semester event: the 'Poetry Forum'.

The wiki will stay here as a record of our project work for future students and teachers.




Welcome to the Poetry Room!


This is a workspace for preservice teachers in the unit English Curriculum Studies 1 at Queensland University of Technology



Poetry Workshops and Forum

Through the semester there will be opportunities for you to engage with poetry and participate in poetry workshops.

The final week of this unit a 'Poetry Forum' will be held in each tutorial group.

This wiki will be used to share our poetry and other things in the lead up to the Forum.



Let's get started by introducing ourselves on the Introduction page (click below).




Favourite Poems


Poetry Definitions and Tastes


Poetry Workshops


Poetry Forum


The inspiration for this wiki


Ideas for teaching poetry



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